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First impressions count! We believe designing your website is every bit as important as personal image. If your website looks good, it engenders trust. We have the experience and skills to make eye-catching and unique web designs.


Code is the scaffolding and architecture that holds your website together. It gives structure to your design and improves user experience. We love writing clean, future-proof code that not only animates your website, but makes it fun to use!


Having a beautiful site that's been coded by professionals isn't enough! You have to get it out there and let people know about it. That's where our expertise in the field of SEO comes in. We can help boost your website into the Google top ten.

Pixels We've Pushed

We pride ourselves in creating beautiful websites. Over the years, we've had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people. Here's a sample of our work...

Shinta Mani Foundation

Shinta Mani Foundation

Shinta Mani

Shinta Mani Siem Reap

Juice Queen

Juice Queen

Speak Read Write Thai

Speak Read Write Thai

HMD Asia

HMD Asia

Hot Rod

Hot Rod

Kochi Tea

Kochi Tea

Bhutan Center

Bhutan Center

Meet Our Pixelers

From the four corners of the globe, we come together in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok to perform acts of super-human scale. Meet our dedicated, sweat-browed superheroes collectively know as .... Pixelers!

Image of Pixelers team member
"A great artist is a great man in a great child."

Ryan is passionate about web technologies and has an unhealthy obsession with code.


Lead Developer
Image of Pixelers team member
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Sine is a Photoshop and Illustrator ninja. She can beat any pixel into shape!


Lead Designer
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Our Story

Welcome to Pixelers.net, the home of all our website design operations. We’re stoked that you’ve taken the time to visit our website and we extend a hand of friendship to visitors old and new. Our website is the cumulation of many years of blood, sweat, and tears and we’re glad that you’ve stopped by to take a look at our work. Please take the time to peruse our portfolio, read one of our well-written and informative blog posts, or just say hello by contacting us via our contact form.

So, you may be wondering who we are…. well, we like to call ourselves Pixelers, which to us means someone whose profession is to work with pixels and turn them into something awesome! We are a team of two whose love for website design, the arts, and web technologies has morphed into one common goal: to make the web a better, more beautiful place.

Our collective skills span many disciplines and together we have become one of those legendary duos, like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, or Batman and Robin. We like to think of ourselves as web design super heroes, and, as Spiderman knows all too well, “with great power comes great responsibility.” When we take on a project, we realise that at the heart of it is the happiness of our clients and their clients in turn. That’s why our primary aim is not building websites, but making people happy!

Great design is ultimately about people. The care and attention to detail says “we care about you” which speaks volumes to your clients. That’s why we believe having a great website is not only a good idea, but an obligation. Who would go shopping in a store where you had to climb over obstacles just to buy something? Making your website easy to use and navigate shows your clients that you care about them.

Would you like to hire us to design and build you a beautiful, functional, maintainable, user-friendly, stress-free website? We’re just itching to work with you, so go ahead and click this little hire us link. We’re here to get your pixels in shape!

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